Meet Lara!

The overly excited photographer behind Exhilaration Photography!


I'm SO thrilled you made it this way!

It's wonderful to meet you! I'm the creative behind Exhilaration Photography! I created my photography business in Tucson, Arizona and immediately fell in love with the way the light works its magic in the desert! I swear, we live in one of the coolest places!

Before we work together, you need to know - I'm an overly excited person! One of the reasons I fell in love with photography is because I could capture the things that brought me so much excitement. Whether it was  the personal details of a wedding day or the way a groom held his bride for the first time after getting married, these things straight up make my heart burst!  




My photography is a reflection of my excitement!

In college I earned degrees in both communication studies and photography! I was passionate about going to school in order to further myself as a photographer and business owner. To this day, it was the best decision I ever made for my career!

My photography utilizes a bright, modern style to emphasize who my clients are! I love using light to create a radiant image that captures authentic connections! 

I love interacting with my clients to capture their genuine smiles, or the way they laugh with their significant other. Who you are and the memories you'll treasure for a lifetime are what excite me the most!

Photography isn't the only thing that excites me! I also get excited about:

-the musical, Hamilton! If I ever get a cat, I'm naming it, "Hammie."

-wrinkly dogs. That may have been a reason I fell instantly in love with my dog, Parker!

-going to the gym! I actually love running!

-blush pink everything!

-succulents at the grocery store!

-the way sunlight illuminates the desert!


Wanna learn more!?

If you want to know more about me, Exhilaration Photography or my recent endavors, let's connect through Instagram!